Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pose oh pose...

ari ni 10 ari dh kte pose
emm..that was quick rite
so bout me last post..
ak ade kbo nk jual kn...
igt x...???post ni nk cter psal tu je n hok laen gok r
plan nyer nk jual aym..but it went wrong
hok ulur modal nyer rama phtu hok keje nyer
ade 2 3 **** rite
then wanna complen..perghhh
like mf r...then plus the competition lucky it was pose
so i decide to stop n sell smthg else...
now im sellg nsik aym..
mroh je..rm3.5 kalu bzr rm4
ni pn ak ambek kt bzr gok...
coz mok bz bby sit so xdn nk wak keje bnyk
anyway..i don know this it gonna end well
or not but i already spend a lot from this biz..
n i don think i can buy my mok smthg..
still early to say..
ok r nxt time lok nk g jge bzr ak lok