Monday, March 19, 2012

Hahaha..finally abis dh

believe it or not..
im free now..
haha..abih gok akhir nyer..
3 thun bljo,,skit pale..
xdok dh bnde tu sume..hahahaha
so now i can on smthg else..
nk settle lesen ak,,nk cri kje,,
but last week,,i went to kemaman 4 puabumi things
my heart start feel anxious..thinking that i saw her..
that nite..i text her n really she's going back..
im too late..that nite after msg wit her..
i couldn't sleep..there is smthg going on in my heart
so i made a decision that i don't think it's really me doing it
i told my feeling to her..she quite shock of course..
but i felt better after that..
but i don't know is she fell the same..
last nite i ask that question n ...
her answer is she used to love me..
well that suprise me..but i also love her that time
now it juz a matter of time whether i meant for her..
now i juz wait for her decision..

Monday, February 20, 2012

ends of sem 6

1 week to go to final..
and then im free..hahaha
but there still along way 2 go
i plan to work at bank if possible la..
if i cn't..then i work where ever i think suitable
thats 1 things....1 more things is..
bout my future..i dont know whether to cont wit my stdy..
or to keep on working..if my work can guarantee my future then mybe
i should go on with it..but if then i will think bout to cont wit my stdy
If i get the offer to cont..if not then i need to figure out smthg else..
so now what i should do now to get my head in the game..

ok r thats it 4 today..after for a while not updating me blog..:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New sem..still same old story

fuhhh..wape lame dh ak xupdate this blog
kind of buzy wit nthg to do..weird ha??? too.wat ever la
this sem kinda bz wit final projek..
4 final projek..yaa 4
org laen bnyk pn tp sem laen2
ni last sem..koho bolok ade..
dh la sem nk naik blik la kier nyer...
actually i cn't think of nthg to say
soo...that it la
next time lok r..;)