Monday, March 19, 2012

Hahaha..finally abis dh

believe it or not..
im free now..
haha..abih gok akhir nyer..
3 thun bljo,,skit pale..
xdok dh bnde tu sume..hahahaha
so now i can on smthg else..
nk settle lesen ak,,nk cri kje,,
but last week,,i went to kemaman 4 puabumi things
my heart start feel anxious..thinking that i saw her..
that nite..i text her n really she's going back..
im too late..that nite after msg wit her..
i couldn't sleep..there is smthg going on in my heart
so i made a decision that i don't think it's really me doing it
i told my feeling to her..she quite shock of course..
but i felt better after that..
but i don't know is she fell the same..
last nite i ask that question n ...
her answer is she used to love me..
well that suprise me..but i also love her that time
now it juz a matter of time whether i meant for her..
now i juz wait for her decision..

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