Friday, October 29, 2010 exam

time flew by
without we know it
but at the end then we realize it
so many things happen
so much memories we keep inside
either sweet or bitter like hell
just swallow it...
this is it...
the end of this chapter...3rd chapter
will this be different from the other chapter???
we just wait to find out
the 3rd chapter full of laughter,tears...
problem of course..
but that will be put aside
there is a bigger task await..

I just wanna say gud luck to my
frenz ..:-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Salam Ramadan

slamat b'pose wat sume org2
may this year be the best ramadan 2 ya all
lame dh ase nyer xpost kt blog nie
biase ar bz je keje nyer
assgment belambok,,xsntuh ag ni
stdy mmg xdh,,hahaha
nk kuiz bru la knal buku pose wat ibadat
ak pose cbuk nk maen gitar
gitar bru 300 lbih dh,
padan abis gtu je pitih ak,,
gmbr xdok cni kalu ade leh uplaod
but its ok
so have a great ramadan 2 all my fellas out there

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pesta konvo UniSZA

abis pn konvo,,org laen konvo ngan2 ak cbuk gok
ni la projek ak or biz kecik2 je
bleh la tmboh income ckit2(ptptn ade dh pdhal)
kalu bnyok masyuk,,pok2 ni plan nk g redang,,
pehhhhhh....tggi cita2 tu kite wait n tgk jo la
hahhhh..bru igt xstdy ag
mule2 sem koya ag pale cmpur ngan konvo ni
mmg xsntuh bku ag ni..
dh la bku tu mahal sutir2....
gane2 pn kne la bli gok
name pn nk blajor kn so kne la bli
tp ade se prob ar
ak pn xtau bkpe ati ak mcm xtenang je.....
puah ak mikir tp xleh gok...
tp td ak ade napok smthg,,
xtau nk kte kejut or x
then i start 2 think that i should juz back off
pretend not 2 see anything but it kind off hurt me its hard,,oh god plizz help me
i don know bout my feeling,, very confusing man

Sunday, July 4, 2010

sem bru...buke buku bru la....

wooo...sem 3 dh,,
cm xcaye lok..haha
koho tue dh ak lening
jd snior la plok..haha
wane cter laa bdk2 bru kek g nin????
tu laen hal...hok pnting jgn bnyk maen ngat
pointer sem 3 kne tggi dr sem 2
kalu leh 3.0 lbih breh dh..
kne concentrate on stdy la bai...
awek2 laen cter laaa...
or baek xyah care ngat awek2 ni...??????
tepuk dada taye iman

Monday, May 31, 2010

the day is come..

finally after waiting for a long time
my exam result finally...
n as expected its higher than the previous one
i'm glad..fuhhhhhh.....

Friday, May 28, 2010


My life was messed up…
Everything doesn’t seem right…
I tried to hang on…
But I can’t…
Even to stand up with my own foot…
It seems very hard…
I lost all of my strength…
It’s like she took away my strength as well…
But I’m still trying to regain myself…
Cast away all the past…
Anything that remind me of you…
Now it’s time for me to wake up
Wake up from this useless dream…
Dream that you made up…
And fool people like me
Completely trust it…
I know that was my enormous mistake
To fall in love with you…
But that was one thing
That I couldn’t regret much…
Even it’s hurt me badly
And tear me apart from the inside
But it wasn’t a waste
Even you lied to me…
Due to that I no longer myself…
I decide to change for good…
Month by month passed by…
Day by day…
Every second passed me
But I couldn’t realize it…
It was meaningless...
And I thought there is no more
No more people that can make me smile again…
But I was wrong…
She came out of nowhere…
With a sweet smile on her face…
She makes me smile again…
She made me flattered…
I felt weird thing happen in my heart
It was so anxious
And beat at a fast rate…
I think I was………….
But...hold on there...
I start to think that
We are not meant for each other…
We totally had different life
A head of us…
I think that is time for me to back off
For good…

Sunday, May 23, 2010

peice of word

first time i saw her..
she is the one..
i told my self..
everything went perfect..
it been a sweet memory between me n her..
we had a great time together..
those sweet memory is hard to forget..
indeed it very2 hard to forget..
we laughed,we played around,we had dinner,
and a lots more..such a sweet memories
between u and me..
but that all just a lied..
i was totally fool..
fool enough to fall in love with u..
fool enough to completely let u
hurt my felling..
i don know what i done wrong..
when u suddenly change..
if there something wrong..
just say it..
don made me wondering like a fool
as i remembered i always there 4 u
anytime..all days long
i always tried to be as what u always what..
but i admit hard
still i'm trying to be one..
all i need is time..
time 4 me to prove that i'm worth'it
give me a chance..only that i asked from u
but u won't gave me a chance..
why???..plizz tell me
am i not good enough 4 u???
but there u are..
remain silence..even not a single word
i brave myself to asked 4 the truth
that night..i still remember it
with so much confidence n brave..
finally u told me the truth..
the truth of what's really happened..
the reason u doing this to me..
it because of some other guys..
u know what..
that answer teared me apart..
but u know what..
actually i already expect that kind of answer..
i don know why..
it just....came in my mind
out of no where..
although i was teared apart inside out..
but i think i can endure it..
i will try to forget our memories..
all of it even if it was fake..
but for was real
now after apart from u..
i admit it sometime its hard to forget..
but like u said if we met..
pretend like we don know each other..
if that want u want so be it..
now i'm a new man now..
the past is the past..
i'm happy what i am now..

(24/5/10) afiex_blurp

Friday, May 21, 2010


love is a wonderful thing
love is every man desire
love is anything
it's is more valuable
more valuable than money
more valuable than anything else
in this world..
once u get it
take a good care of it
treat it as ur life depend on it
don't afraid to fight for it
the love u want
coz when u lose it
it hard to get it back
learn to appreciate it
b4 u will regret 4 the rest of ur life

Monday, February 15, 2010

utk kawan2

peRSAhabTAN itu TERbina ATAs rantiNG KEjujuran,bERTUnjangkan kaSIH SAYAng,laLU memBUAHkan KEMANIsan ikatAN..
JIka terPESOng mAKA paTAHLAh RANTing,rePUTlah akAR lalU ROSaklah buah..
teMAN SEjati BUKAnlah dekAT BIcaranye,ttp ia senTIASA Dihati &diiNGATI DAlaM
seTIAP bisiKAN dOAnye...;')

time behday anie aka bdk kecik..hehe

bdk2 nakal..hehe

Saturday, February 13, 2010

renung2 kn

Kawan yang sebenar ialah seorang yang dapat menerima diri anda yang sebenar