Saturday, September 28, 2013

Growing Up

growing up... dont know why i start this with that.. im 22 now and still searching a way to lead my life sometimes i miss being a kid althought i dont have anything like i have today..but i was happy that time theres nothing to think about..not to worry about anything not even bother to look for fucking job.. yeah i jobless..i did worked as a hard labor and that its 2morrrow i got an interview..29/9/13 dont now i really want this job..a gov job i dont even know what to pursuit in my life.. finding a 'job' for a better fucking future or do what i want to the catch i got a lot of things to do..but didnt which one which should i go and chase..but one thing for sure im sick with my fucking life.. my fucking house.. my fucking brothers.. man i always wish i can get out of this MF house.. i hate my life..if i just can go out there and live the way i wanna live for once..that good enough for me p/s:gud luck to me for 2morrow

Saturday, March 16, 2013

still adjusting... long its all ready since my last post.. lucky me i had an understanding fren..since school so far he still treating me,asked me hang out, im really appreciated that..but still i need to repay him..even though he didnt mentioned it..but yeah i felt i needed to..its already my 3rd month in kl im still struggling with my job..but i believe its not my time yet even my fren already made income but i hope i will make too.. well that its for now..wish me luck guys.seriously i need it..:)

Monday, February 25, 2013

1st time....

Almost 2 month I'm at kl lot of new thing to me to explore.. past 2 days..last weekend actually my fren from ganu came n said he going uitm kb next month so he decided to came here n have some fun well...that's sound good so he explore kl with me we went to times square,pavi,klcc n others it was my 1st time ever to be at that places..seriuosly then u know what..he decided to go to genting... sh*t I never been there before so I like ok but I got no cash man.. u can loan he said...I just like fine so we went to genting..dude seriuosly cold,high and yeah I did got scared in the cable car... man if u know what I'm talking about... huu..then u know how I felt... and now I'm back in kl but I'm still trying to get use to the altitude.. my ears hurt man... but its still fun experience..hope can go there again with my other frens or mybe with my girl.hhaahaha *still hoping n looking.:p well guys that its for now if i got time I will share some pic

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

dugaan dari allah

Ya allah..dugaan ni paling mencabar bg ku 3 mlm ak xdpt tdo..and ak had tdo after subuh Nsib baek ak kje punchcard Tp rezeki ak pn makin payah.. But its dugaan bg ku.and ak terima Ya allah..ampun kn dosa ak..permudahkn uruaan ak kurnia kn prtunjuk mu ya allah..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

CONT hok ats another new chapter open in my life i juz got a room near to my workplace its ok..but quite expensive but atleast i got place to stay it juz literally an empty room ok 4 lak next ak cont

Friday, February 1, 2013

Im taking a step to succeed in my life

hey blog.. its been a while i didnt update my blog kinda of busy doing my stuff hahaha...well i juz graduate last year and now i have a job as a unit trust consultant heres my prob..why cant anybody atleast give me support u know i need already hard for me to come kl to work plus with no support..dammit man

Sunday, January 27, 2013