Monday, February 25, 2013

1st time....

Almost 2 month I'm at kl lot of new thing to me to explore.. past 2 days..last weekend actually my fren from ganu came n said he going uitm kb next month so he decided to came here n have some fun well...that's sound good so he explore kl with me we went to times square,pavi,klcc n others it was my 1st time ever to be at that places..seriuosly then u know what..he decided to go to genting... sh*t I never been there before so I like ok but I got no cash man.. u can loan he said...I just like fine so we went to genting..dude seriuosly cold,high and yeah I did got scared in the cable car... man if u know what I'm talking about... huu..then u know how I felt... and now I'm back in kl but I'm still trying to get use to the altitude.. my ears hurt man... but its still fun experience..hope can go there again with my other frens or mybe with my girl.hhaahaha *still hoping n looking.:p well guys that its for now if i got time I will share some pic

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