Saturday, September 28, 2013

Growing Up

growing up... dont know why i start this with that.. im 22 now and still searching a way to lead my life sometimes i miss being a kid althought i dont have anything like i have today..but i was happy that time theres nothing to think about..not to worry about anything not even bother to look for fucking job.. yeah i jobless..i did worked as a hard labor and that its 2morrrow i got an interview..29/9/13 dont now i really want this job..a gov job i dont even know what to pursuit in my life.. finding a 'job' for a better fucking future or do what i want to the catch i got a lot of things to do..but didnt which one which should i go and chase..but one thing for sure im sick with my fucking life.. my fucking house.. my fucking brothers.. man i always wish i can get out of this MF house.. i hate my life..if i just can go out there and live the way i wanna live for once..that good enough for me p/s:gud luck to me for 2morrow

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